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Right Here, Right Now

More MP3’s to come, I just need to figure out a better system for organising stuff. End of next week at the latest.


back in black.

Once again I have been a bit remiss in posting. It’s not that I don’t want to-rather I have been inside of trying to make something. As you can glean from the last few posts I am working on the album(s), and it’s fucking tough.

Since I have started to do this PhD, I have slowly changed the way in which I make work, it’s natural and to be expected and I haven’t cried about it too much, but I feel like I am missing an urgency, rather the work is missing a sense of urgency.

Historically I work very well under pressure, the closer to the deadline the better. I need to understand and feel the time passing to get to the mental headspace where I can get something done. But with these records I have changed things, not only have I changed the way I listen to sound by playing with samples until I have exhausted them but I also started to work on the album in January. Realistically I hadn’t set a deadline for myself until mid-April to have the material ready to be sent off for mastering and pressing, and I started in January. That is seriously some kind of record. It’s now Friday April 11, and I am still surrounded by samples, some act of decisiveness had been negated in this new way of working. I mean the nature of album sort of lends itself to starting ahead of time.

A few weeks ago I did the Dice Composition experiment to ascertain if composition is about chance or intuition and after listening to the work I have come to the conclusion that it’s a combination of the two. Intuition will lead me to take chances and chance will bolster my intuition.

If you look at the actual act of making work within the intuition/chance context the argument applies in the same way. To now I have never questioned when something I made was good, deep down I would know even if I acted as if I didn’t-but for the first time I am having issues. Will all these sounds add up to something, is there anything within what I have done?

It’s like I haven’t had a light bulb moment where all of sudden you just go ‘duh’, and it falls into place, it’s not even a light bulb moment rather it’s a feeling. I know it in my stomach; I can hear it within a composition when it’s going right (whatever that means), and strangely enough my fingers tingle in a particular way. I haven’t had any of that, and I am getting itchy. Is it simply that the material doesn’t hold up because I recorded the wrong stuff? Did I make the crucial error of trying to change to many things at once?

I have mentioned in past posts how these albums and this new way of working were a real change. I changed the actual kinds of sounds I normally work with, and I changed the nature within which I work these sounds and in some way that changed the way I think about them completely, but consciously chased that-I actively made that happen.

I made a conscious effort to work in a new way and I have to play it through, so is this the case where chance will enhance my intuition or will that gut instinct pull me through, and if it does am I really learning anything?

*Listened To: Live Hot Chip iTunes Exclusive EP