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Updating the action

The next few days are kind of crucial to the completion of the record and getting the bits sorted in relation to the installation.  I am wrapping up the last tweaks on the record before I go to Abbey Road and let someone else do the tweaking.  G is away so in a sense we have been doing all the work via text and part of that makes it interesting, but part of it makes it hard because you are constantly making adjustments in hindsight.  I know how I want the process to be different in the future and I aim to implement that.

I don’t have a whole to really say at the moment in terms of the work, I am finalising the cover art and once it’s a goer I will post some jpegs.  Trust me it’s simply black and with white spray varnish text.  No images as of yet.

In terms of my thoughts though I am kind of all over the place today, most of it due to nerves.

More to come….


this is how i want you to remember it

Dude, it’s been a year. Yeah I have had this research blog for a whole year. I actually let the big day pass by with very little or to be more precise no fanfare. My relationship to this blog is a constantly changing thing, but I do remain steadfast to it in some ways, as I would imagine the other people (and I am imaging it’s just three of them) who read it do as well. Thank you by the way, it’s appreciated – gift baskets are in the mail…

I actually have a lot of ground to cover and there will be some updates over the next couple of week with a fair bit more regularity then there has been in a while.

Over the past couple of weeks I think I have finally reached some sort of understanding and peace with the whole process of practice led research and art making. I am probably at fault for wanting to believe the cliché. It’s not all waking up late, chin stroking, wearing cardigans full of holes and going into the studio pushing some stuff around and leaving at the end of the day to charm young impressionable co-ed’s and drink the town dry.

First off where are these hot co-ed’s?

Second it’s about the mundane work. In order to have an actual record, like my music/sounds on the wax (that’s vinyl kids) I have to do the legwork. Register my catalogue with the MCPS, write endless emails back and forth with the pressing plant, read documents that I don’t really understand to make sure that I am not signing my life away to Satan, and make phone calls professing my complete ignorance and hoping that the person on the other end is in a good, helpful mood. There’s the dream and there’s the reality. When we dream we don’t acknowledge the structure of the dream, the actual mechanics of it. So when the dreams become reality then we are forced to deal with the mechanics and the mundane, and there’s a reason they call it minutia. The last couple of weeks I haven’t really ‘made’ anything but I have made a whole lot. I think the issue is the contextualisation of what it means to make something. While it’s not sexy calling the pressing plant 40 times in one day, it is as much a part of making as me working in Pro Tools and making the compositions. It’s just not the fun part.

This work will be the first where my hand has very little to do with the actual execution and completion. I mean intellectually it’s all me, but the physical labour and the knocking in of nails or pouring the vinyl is all up to others. I am still a young artist, not even emerging but young, and the release of being the conduit for the physicality of making is both an amazing feeling and scary as hell. It’s a transition, I am finally allowing myself the confidence to make the work I have wanted to, in the ways that I have wanted to, and I am freely admitting that I don’t always have the knowledge of how to make that happen.

Within this newfound freedom, I am coming up on what is going to be something really cool. It’s been mentioned a couple of times (like a lot) that I am releasing albums within the context of these installations and in conjunction with my research, well the first one’s coming out end of Sept on 180 gram vinyl from my own label whiteblack00, and it’s been mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, by the same engineer that Kraftwerk and LCD Soundsystem have used in the past. Like, dude never in my wildest dreams 3 months ago or even 3 years ago, did I think this was how it was going to go down. This particular album is one that is paired with the first installation that we have been generically referring to as Room 1. Well they are both titled now, and the album and the installation shall now be referred to as this is how i want you to remember it, and the tracks are called side a (first time), and side b (every time). Historically I have always been a bit ambivalent when it comes to titling my own work because I don’t want to steer the viewer/listener too much, and I also don’t want to get it wrong. But these titles I feel good about. I am being direct about the nature of the experience and what I want the work to do. To be so forthright within my work is usually not my style so it should be interesting to see what comes of this.

So as new things happen over the next couple of days I will let you know.