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inertia = fear

If work begets work and the best way to move forward is to keep moving, then why do I constantly feel the need to sabotage myself, and slow down or grind to a halt?

I have been working pretty steadily for the last couple of weeks but I am not sure that I make any progress forward, if that makes any sense?  I have been trying to come up with expert reader questions and because it’s so wide open and the parameters are to be set by myself it’s more terrifying then working within something set and tight.  It’s like I don’t know what to do and in not knowing what to do I can’t move forward.

I know that I write here and there about being scared and feeling helpless but it’s not a joke.  I am not kidding.  There really is a fear paralysis in play within a lot of what I do and I am not that sure if it’s a product of creating this thing, this experience which I hold above all others or simply a product of my personality?

Perhaps it’s now simply a factor of having it come together.  Essentially the work is almost there, it’s not just about talking about the work and the ideas but them actually coming to fruition and it’s real, it’s not like talking about the elephant in the room, there is an actual elephant in the room.

I don’t have too much more but here are some images of the furniture for the installation…